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♔ Yuuki Jayacynth ME? "Jayacynth" is the name mai FRIENDSZ, CLASSMATES & OTHERS called me "JAYA" just my NICKNAME give some HUGS & KISS every "Feb. 20".Y.? ( THATS MY DAYYYYY,lab it.)
Yesterday is Hey!Say!JUMP’s 4th anniversary! I want to wish them best of luck, may their “Dreamscome true”! Don’t let it “OVER”! Your fans want to say “Ai-ing Aishiteru~”, “Arigatou” for always making us smile and feel happy! You have your “Magic Power”. “Shinku” is the color of our love! Romeos, everyone of us wants to be  your Juliet :)
I want to see this laugh, not only for 4 years but forever!!! :D