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♔ Yuuki Jayacynth ME? "Jayacynth" is the name mai FRIENDSZ, CLASSMATES & OTHERS called me "JAYA" just my NICKNAME give some HUGS & KISS every "Feb. 20".Y.? ( THATS MY DAYYYYY,lab it.)
Looking for New Clan Members


.a clan open for all kpop fans of all fandoms.
.get to meet fellow kpoppers, new friends and learn more about ur biases.
.we don’t bash…
.just text ur name, sex, age and location to :

(Only in the Philippines)

.join na!. New clan kasi kami ehh…

new songs of HEy!say!JUMP
 do you guys know what are the new songs of Hey!say!JUMP...? i've been away for i didnt know anything.. can you guys tell me?..
kmishihara-deactivated20120712: Domo neh ~~ Thank you for following me ^_____^ I'll follow you back xD, nice to meet you and see ya neh ~~ :DD

No problem..neh…nice to meet you too… :D..

Hope we will be good friend neh.. :D